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About Us
  • What are EAI's ( Express Audio Industry Sdn Bhd) core product and services?
    • Disc mastering
    • Disc replication (CD-ROM, IT Bizcard, CD-Audio, VCD)
    • Disc duplication (on CDR)
  • When was the company established?
    In 1978 as a cassette duplicator servicing recording companies like polygram (now Universal), Warner Music, EMI etc.

  • Who are your customer?
    Our customers include government ministries, software and IT companies, recording companies, videos distributors and Corporate companies like Telekom, TV3, Renong Group, YTL Group, Public Bank, Southern Bank etc., we were selected as the only CD plant to replicate Education Ministry's Prototype Smart school Syllabus courseware series in CD-ROM (over 80 titles) since 1999. our other notable CD-ROM: "Mahathir-CEO Malaysia Inc.", TDC's Window To Malaysia" series as well as products for Symantec, Oracle, Xircom, Trend Micro Inc. and many MSC status companies."