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Name : IT Bizcard
Product : Rectangular Optical Disc (CD/VCD/CD-ROM)
Material : Polycarbonate
Shape : Rectangular ( 85 x 59mm )
? ??Classic ( 80 x 61mm )
(Customized Free Shape Disc is also available)

  • It can store up to 30- 40 MB of data depending on its size
  • Imagine 21 pieces of your ordinary 1.44MB of diskettes
  • 10,000 copies of text typed in double spacing of A4 size paper
  • 50-400 pictures
  • Audio depending on the file size
  • Video depending on the file size

  • Multimedia Business Card
  • CD-ROM Annual Report
  • Brochures / Catalogue
  • Video
  • Exhibition Directories
  • Power Point presentations
  • Pocket Web with hyperlink to homepage
  • Magazine Inserts
  • Members Discount Card

Our Services
With more than 20 years of corporate experience and technological expertise, we offers turnkey solutions to the production of IT Bizcard or conventional CD-ROM from content development to disc mastering, replication or duplication, printing and packaging.

FAQ on IT Bizcard
  • What is IT Bizcard?
    The Bizcard is actually a rectangular shape CD-ROM incorporated with pictures, animated 3D graphics, video clips, sound tracks and other multimedia presentations.

  • What are its unique features?
    • Its design ( 85mm x 59mm the same as a normal business card) provides for easy carrying in your pocket or wallet.

    • As an innovative website advertising tool: You present the Bizcard with your website content to targeted customers so they will not need to remember or search your website's URL, log-on and download its content. For commercial website which lacks entertainment materials, the Bizcard will help to solve the problem of generating enough hits to maximize your site's exposure.

    • It can be enhanced with pages from your website including Product Catalogue and Interactive Order/ Feedback Forms that can be transmitted online to your company from the Bizcard given to potential customers like an "Interactive-brochures".

  • How does it work?
    • The Bizcard will play in all common CD/VCD players and the ROM Drive in a computer the same as an ordinary CD/VCD or CD-ROM disc.

  • How much would a Bizcard cost?
    • Easily 5 to 10 times cheaper than conventional color brochures, catalogue or annual reports.

  • Can EAI help in custom designing the multimedia content in the Bizcard?
    • Yes. Based on information or ideas from you, our creative designer will conceptualise and develop them into multimedia and interactive contents incorporating text, videos, music and sound, animated graphics etc.

  • What are EAI's ( Express Audio Industry Sdn Bhd) core product and services?
    • Disc mastering
    • Disc replication (CD-ROM, IT Bizcard, CD-Audio, VCD)
    • Disc duplication (on CDR)

  • When was the company established?
    In 1978 as a cassette duplicator servicing recording companies like polygram
    (now Universal), Warner Music, EMI etc.

  • Who are your customer?
    Our customers include government ministries, software and IT companies, recording companies, videos distributors and Corporate companies like Telekom, TV3, Renong Group, YTL Group, Public Bank, Southern Bank etc., we were selected as the only CD plant to replicate Education Ministry's Prototype Smart school Syllabus courseware series in CD-ROM (over 80 titles) since 1999. our other notable CD-ROM projects are: "Mahathir-CEO Malaysia Inc.", TDC's Window To Malaysia" series as well as products for Symantec, Oracle, Xircom, Trend Micro Inc. and many MSC status companies."

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